Features ofceraza
Pure White
Can be dyed with vivid colors
Lightweight and Soft
In products with raised naps, it has good pile handleability, displaying excellent fur characteristics and luster.
This is howceraza differs
 Conventional degumming of silk in Japan dating from the Meiji era continues mostly in China. Oils from pupas and sericin impregnate the interior of the silk fibers, and cannot be washed off sufficiently. For that reason, the silk does not exhibit its natural texture. The processing of cerazais managed through the use of Nihon Sanmo Dyeing’s technology. Impurities in the silk are washed away completely in special high-temperature, high-pressure processing machines, maintaining a pearl-like luster and appropriate tortion and crimp.
 About Silk

【Cross-sectional diagram of a silk thread】
Silk is composed of sericin and fibroin at a 25:75 ratio.
The sericin can be dissolved by hot alkaline water.
The fibroin is a smooth, flexible fiber with beautiful luster. Magnification shows it to be a bundle of about 100 fibers.
Silk is a protein fiber consisting of 18 kinds of amino acids.
These proteins closely resemble those of human skin, and silk and humans have coexisted since ancient times.
Wonderful fibroin.
Silk has found use in a variety of medical supplies, including surgical thread.
Fibroin protects skin from irritation by ultraviolet rays, and it has been marketed in a number of cosmetic products that assist skin functions.
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