Message from SANMO
Mission Statement
to contribute to society through
our dyeing technology

Message from SANMO
  The origin of our company name comes from the Japanese words for silkworm ("san") and wool ("mo"), the name being coined at the time when our first president Youjin TOMIBE founded the company based on the "sericin fixation" technology for producing imitation wool from silk fiber. Our company is currently engaged in two kinds of business; the dyeing business and the fiber business, in which we manufacture and distribute functional fibers.

  Our Dyeing Business Division carries out dyeing and bleaching of synthetic and natural fibres (cotton, wool, linen, etc.) using stock dyeing machines. Especially in the vat dyeing of cotton, we have achieved a high quality evaluation in combination with complete effluent treatment facilities. We are proud to say that during the history of our Dyeing Business Division, we have made our own small contribution to the dyeing industry by patenting groundbreaking processes such as the "even dyeing process for various kinds of fiber" and the "fiber processing." At the same time, we have also put our energies into developing high value added natural fibers. Under the CERAZA ® brand, we are distributing spun silk manufactured by making full use of our advanced refining technology. We are delighted to report that CERAZA ® has gained an excellent reputation in many areas as a fabric that eliminates silk's handling difficulties, enabling silk to be used for everyday wear. We are also making robust R&D efforts with regards to other natural fibers.

  Our company's Fibres Business Division is manufacturing and distributing functional fibers such as the organic conductive fibre Thunderon ® as well as the antibacterial deodorizing fiber DEW ®, the odor eliminating fiber DEW ® WHITE, and others. In particular, Thunderon ®, patented simultaneously in Japan and other major countries of the world, has now achieved firm status in the hi-tech and other industries since it gained a reputation as a "dream fiber" at the time of its development in 1980. At that time, as well as conductivity, Thunderon ® was also shown to have antibacterial and deodorizing properties, far-infrared radiation emission properties, and electromagnetic wave shielding properties, and we are pleased to say that Thunderon ® has been finding applications in a wide range of sectors and products.

  At present, the overall environment in the fiber industry in developed countries is extremely severe due to fibers being considered as a protected trade item. Rather than aim for quantitative expansion or maintaining our production volume, as would normally be necessary in the machine dyeing industry, as stated above, we wish to implement our ideas on emphasizing qualitative improvements by making efforts to enhance the high valued added properties of natural fibers and develop hi-tech fibers such as Thunderon ®.

We look forward very much to your continued support in the future!
Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd.

35 Butai-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN