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▶ Processed materials handled by SANMO

Synthetic fiber ...  Acrylic, polyester, aramid, nylon, vinylon, etc.
Natural fiber    ...  Cotton, wool, silk, linen (linen, ramie), etc.
Chemical fiber ...  Rayon, Lyocell, Tencel, Bemberg, etc.

▶ Processed shape handled by SANMO

Spinned yarn / cheese

▶ Processing types handled by SANMO

  ■Dyeing process
   ・Raw material dyeing  ・TOW dyeing  ・TOP dyeing  ・NEP dyeing
  ■Functional process
  ・Catification processing  ・Cellulose cation processing  ・Anti-fibril processing
・Acrylic antibacterial processing  ・PET hydrophilic processing 

  ■Functional fiber
Thunderon® Static elimination effect, deodorant effect, antibacterial effect, heat storage heat retention
DEW® Deodorant effect, antibacterial effect
DEW®White Deodorant effect
Jabool® Washable effect
cereza® High blending yarn
washable Silk
cereza carmen®
Washable effect

▶ Dyeing process

  ■Raw material dyeing  
It can be dyed in the state before it becomes a thread such as staple, TOW, Nep, wool top.
By dyeing with cotton, you can make melange yarn with various colors blended by spinning.
By blending various colors, you can create a unique shade that cannot be found anywhere else.
Since it is dyed in the state before it becomes a thread, the texture when it is made into a thread is good.
We can handle everything from light gray marbling to dark charcoal marbling.

【Cotton light gray marbling】
【Wool MixTop】
【Nep blend, wool hand-knitted yarn】

  ■Catification processing
 ●  The adsorption rate of dye is improved.
 ●  A dark color can be obtained by
 ●  improving the adsorption rate.
 ●  The amount of dye used can be reduced by improving the adsorption rate.
 ●  The drainage load can be reduced by reducing the amount of dye used.
 ●  A heather-like hue can be obtained with 100% cellulose fiber by one-bath dyeing.
 ●  You can dye light and shade with any hue.    
 ●  Can be processed into cellulose fiber.

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